RE at 2ishRichard Elliott was born in Swindon, UK, in 1959 and hasn’t stopped moving or changing since. At two years old, he discovered a way of rocking his high-chair from side to side causing it to topple over so he could crawl out the back door and up the garden path where he discovered the delights of cross-dressing and pipe smoking. “I remember my mum screaming a lot,” he says.

He’s calmed down a bit now and lives in South Devon.

For those of you who enjoy travel, stories and thinking about the world, Richard takes you on adventures across the European continent and into stories of an unusual and adventurous life lived to the full.

This site iPieces of 8ncludes extracts from his forthcoming book, A Road Travelled Twice, about two journeys across Europe by bike, over the same route, twenty-seven years apart. Other writing will include blog posts from the daily life of a cycle-path fundraiser and cycle-touring in Europe.

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  1. claretravels says:

    Very engaging site, Richard!

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