Cycle-paths and Sativa

This summer, I’ve been working on the National Cycle Network for Sustrans. It’s been great working outdoors meeting hundreds of people who use Route 34 around Exeter and Route 2 around the Exe estuary. Everyone with a bike has been out enjoying the outstanding weather.

But it’s not all fun and games on the cycle-path. Some people are hard at work making the world a safer and saner place. Here we can see two of Devon and Cornwall’s finest saving the population of Exeter from a surfeit of homegrown cannabis. Found at a secret location near the path, along with several metres of hosepipe and other paraphernalia, the toxic weeds were taken away for forensic analysis – in a very hot car.


‘It’s really going to chank in that car,’ said Hattie, my team leader. She’s not wrong.

If you think that our current cannabis laws need reviewing, have a look at Transform.

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